Clare Siobhan Phone Number, WhatsApp Number, Home Address and Email-ID Detail, Biography

Clare Siobhan Phone Number, 859XXXXX Best WhatsApp Number, Home Address and Email-ID Detail, Biography, D.O.B

Clare Siobhan Phone Number:- Claire Siobhan is an Irish-born content creator best known for her Sims 4 and Pokémon videos. She has been a prominent part of the YouTube community since April 2016 when she launched her current channel. She has since gained a huge and dedicated following, with her YouTube channel garnering 2M+ subscribers.

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Claire Siobhan stands apart from other content creators because of her unique style and skills. He has mastered the art of creating entertaining and educational content for his audience. He has a unique way of making videos that combines his knowledge of gaming, storytelling and his personal experiences.


Clare Siobhan

NameClare Siobhan
D.O.B 6 August 1990
Age31 years old
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Phone Number+1(859)651-7280
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Clare Siobhan Phone Number

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Clare Siobhan Phone Number

Biography: Clare Siobhan Phone Number

Claire Siobhan Callery was born on 6 August 1990 in London to her parents Ann Callery and Michael Callery. Claire is a 31-year-old Leo, with a kind heart and generous nature. Her small family includes her brother Dane. Claire is a Christian who comes under British Caucasian ethnicity.

Most recently, Claire gained public attention by becoming a judge on the panel for the Derbyshire House Builder Challenge for all gamers and designers who will be reviewed and awarded according to their designs with prizes including gaming monitors and art vouchers.


Claire’s father is suspected of being Michael Caleri, a construction worker and now a personal trainer. There is no concrete evidence or information about her, but she was the one who chose the name Claire for her beautiful daughter.

Her mother, Ann Colley, is of Irish descent and gave Claire her maiden name, Siobhan, as her middle name. Dan Siobhan, Claire’s brother has been very critical of her YouTube career much to Claire’s dismay. Claire was a troubled child, had insomnia from an early age and developed OCD, which made it difficult for her to attend school. Despite all this, Claire still managed to be a good student and studied chemistry, biology and English.

Height & Weight

Height  5’ 8”
Weight58 kg
Eye ColorGrey
Clare Siobhan Phone Number
Clare Siobhan Phone Number


In 2015, Claire began dating gamer YouTuber, Alastair Aiken. The couple met at Gamescom 2014, where Claire was working with her team at Xbox, they started talking about gaming and instantly connected, starting dating after being friends for over a year.

As we will learn further in the article, Alistair was the one who inspired Claire to start her YouTube gaming channel, The love birds got engaged in 2019 after dating for 4 years and have not released their wedding date.

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Career: Clare Siobhan Phone Number

The story of Claire’s gaming obsession begins when she was a child, as Claire explained, she remembers playing games for as long as she can remember. As she nears the end of high school, Claire finds a new obsession with Pokémon, even though her social circle doesn’t think it’s “cool”. In March 2006, Claire created her own YouTube channel and began watching YouTubers watch Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Seeing the publicity and potential, Claire wanted to upload her videos but was stopped by her brother for his lack of confidence and for mocking her. and her friends.

So she got into gaming as a marketing strategist using her knowledge from her college days. Working in companies like Capcom, Sony and XBOX. As previously mentioned, she met her now-boyfriend Alastair when she was working with Xbox. Alastair Aiken inspired her and encouraged Claire to start her own YouTube channel, where she uploaded her first video playing the survival horror game Alien Isolation. Now the 32-year-old star YouTuber has over 500 million views on her channel as well as 1.86 million subscribers on her channel as of 7th September 2021.


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