Bikanervala Franchise Cost

Bikanervala Franchise Cost, Bikaner’s USP

Starting a Bikanervala Franchise is undoubtedly exceptional among other foundation business decisions you have taken! Bikanervala or Bikano, for what it’s worth generally known as recently, is an inside and out supposed brand that works in Indian standard Namkeen, chaat, sweet things, and the once-over goes on. It also offers corporate orders of giving food benefits and has actually gone into the amicability region with its shocking bistros. Bikanervala has a well-sew association of its foundations the entire path across India comparably abroad. On the off chance that you, as well, need to perhaps be the respected Bikanervala Franchise cost assistant of this all around regarded brand, so by then you ought to examine this article right to the end.

In this article, we will give you complete data on Bikanervala Franchise Cost and all that you should consider before starting with the Bikanervala foundation business.

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History of the Bikanervala:

Bikanervala had an unobtrusive beginning with a little shop named Bikaner Bhujia Bhandar that was started in the year 1950; in the acclaimed Chandani Chowk of Delhi. However, the genuine story began back in the early piece of the twentieth century with little treats and appealing shops in Bikaner Rajasthan. After this, a piece of the family moved to Delhi to search for extra possibilities. Additionally, as such, Bikaner Bhujia Bhandar was set up. It got acclaimed among the people of Delhi as Bikanervala, which later transformed into its picture name. In the year 1960, the association not simply widened its menu by including different customary Indian sweets and appealing things at this point furthermore by the underlying number of outlets in Delhi itself.

In the year 1968, Mr Shyam Sundar Agrawal present MD of the association joined the business, and later in 1980, Bikanervala opened a couple of foundation outlets the entire route of the nation over. So in the year 1988, Bikanervala signified its pith abroad by selling its things there. Bikanervala just made ‘Lehar’ for PepsiCo under the arrangement, which was made between the two associations in the year 1995. Going further, Bikanervala dispatched ‘Bikano Chat Cafes’ in the year 2003, which served modest food to its customers. Plus, the association went into the agreeableness region with the brand name “Aangan Restaurant” that serves ordinary Indian food, Namkeens, and bites. As of now, Bikanervala has become an 1100 crore association with over 90 outlets in India and close to 26 foundation outlets in countries like UAE, New Zealand, Nepal, the USA, and Singapore.

Bikanervala’s USP:

Bikanervala is definitely a champion among other Indian customary sweets and Namkeen shops in India, and these are a segment of the things that make it exceptional concerning the wide scope of different equivalent brands

Expansive Range of Products

Bikanervala offers a wide combination of Khatta and Meetha things through its outlets in various bits of India and the world in general. The association gives a specific bunch of things going from Namkin, visit things, pastries, favouring hampers, to give a few models.

Customer-Centric Approach

The Bikanervala attempts to fulfil the suppositions for the customers by dependably serving them aftereffects of top type and uncommon taste. The association, not a tiny smidgen, deals with the idea of the things offered to its customers.

Consistency in Flavors

Having experience of practically 115 years, Bikanervala has secured dominance in the forte of making Indian standard Namkeen and extravagances. Additionally, the cooking capacities and the plans of the food things are given starting with one age then onto the next, making it a reliable brand for customary Indian savouries and sweet things.

Seen by Awards

Bikanervala and its franchisees are seen with various distinctions, which consolidate the ‘Best Sweet Shop In Delhi’ award by Times Food Award for three ceaseless years from 2012-14.

Reasonably Priced

Bikanervala has an enormous customer base owing to its reasonably esteemed things. So it offers phenomenal things that, too, at generally low costs when stood out from a couple of other near brands.

Gone into Hospitality Sector

The association Bikanervala has meandered into the kind disposition territory, Bikano Chat Café, and Aangan Restaurant that have incredibly arranged and have a genuine agreeable feel.

Why Should You Start a Franchise of Bikanervala?

Following are various reasons why you should take a Bikanervala Franchise cost in your city-

Extraordinary Products

Bikanervala, a chain of Indian Namkeen and sweet shops, offers extraordinary things to its customers. Along these lines, the customers feel that the idea of the things given by Bikanervala is exceptionally strong; thusly, visit the force source again and again to buy their #1 Namkeen and pastries.

Gigantic Customer Base

Inferable from its system of offering superb things at a much reasonable expense; when appeared differently concerning other similar brands, Bikanervala has a gigantic customer base. It, in this way, ensures that you will have a reliable movement of customers to your Bikanervala outlet.

Expedient Return on Investment

Besides, as the Bikanervala foundation business has a fair turnover, it will unmistakably give you a quick benefit from the endeavour.

No Royalty Fees

The extraordinary part about starting a Bikanervala foundation in your city is that the association doesn’t charge any distinction costs to its foundation accessory. This, hence, constructs the advantage of the foundation business.

Essentials for Starting a Bikanervala Franchise in India:

To opening a Bikanervala foundation in India, you ought to fulfil the requirements that are communicated by the association. Various limits controlled by the association are according to the accompanying,

Locale Requirement

The space in which the Bikanervala foundation needs to started should have space of least 1200 sq. ft. to 2000 sq. ft. The premises can either had or rented. Similarly, the proposed Area should be in the central locale of the city, preferably a decent way off of 2 km from various foundations.


Even though Bikanervala has not decided on an authentic number of delegates that expected to run its foundation outlet; 15-20 specialists should be adequate to run an outlet of area 2000 sq. Ft.


Bikanervala considers, the enlightening capacity and the working knowledge of the foundation business hopefuls applying for starting a Bikanervala foundation.

Consequently, on the off chance that you have the capacity and broad work knowledge of keeping a setup a business; by then, you have bound to bring to the table the Bikanervala foundation.

Term of Agreement

Bikanervala chooses a standard business simultaneousness with its foundation owner, which can grow further at whatever point.

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Hypothesis – How Much Does a Bikanervala Franchise Cost in India?

It has surveyed that the total endeavour expected to start a Bikanervala foundation has pretty much 12 lakhs INR. In any case, you should think about this cost rejects the rent of the property, power charge; pay of the agents, and other similar expenses.

Though the association doesn’t charge Royalty costs to its foundation owners; you should pay the foundation cost of around 15 to 50 lakhs to the association depending upon the region of your foundation.

How to Apply for a Bikanervala Franchise?

To get a foundation of Bikanervala, so you can fundamentally visit their power contact page or corporate office or can call them to get some information about how to take a Bikanervala foundation in India.

Bikanervala Franchise Contact Number

+91 8448787525

Bikanervala Corporate Office Address

A-28 Lawrence Road Industrial Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110035, INDIA

Final Words:

Since you are a lot mindful of all the information that you need to consider starting on the outing of the Bikanervala Franchise Cost business. We believe the information shared by us winds up being helpful for you; in any case, in case you have any further inquiries, do advise us in the comment portion down beneath. Besides, we will associate with you soon.

FAQs on Bikanervala Franchise Cost:

Which is better haldiram or Bikanervala?

With regards to food and taste everybody will undoubtedly have their own likings, yet on the off chance that somebody to ask me I have consistently discovered Bikanervala is a preferred alternative over the closest rivalry to be specific Haldiram’s. Even though Bikanervala has fewer choices on their menu, in general, food quality is agreeable.

Is Bikano an Indian organization?

Bikano is the bundled item brand of Bikanervala Foods Pvt Ltd. Bikano is a main bundled food varieties maker in India. So Bikano likewise has a developing presence in the worldwide market with fares to significant nations and accessibility inside major coordinated exchange channels.

Is Bikano and Bikaji same?

The brand names are Haldiram’s, Haldiram’s Prabhuji, Bikanervala, Bhikharam Chandamal, Bikaji and Bikano. PepsiCo entered the classification with its Lehar image in 1996.

Who is the proprietor of Bikaji Bhujia?

In the last part of the 80s, Shri Shivratan Agarwal chose to walk his way and make another personality for himself, this lead to the introduction of the brand Bikaji. When the innovation to create Bhujia for an enormous scope was unthought of, Shri Agarwal effectively established the framework of his fantasy adventure.

How Bikaneri Bhujia is made?

Bikaneri Bhujia has made by making a batter of besan and flavours including moth dal, salt, red stew, pepper, cardamom, cloves, groundnut oil, and so on which is then shaped into the nibble by squeezing it through a strainer and profound browning in vegetable oil. One can browse the different brands accessible on the lookout.

How should I take the foundation of Bikanervala?

To start a Bikanervala outlet one should contact the corporate office which has masterminded in New Delhi. One can moreover apply for the Bikanervala Franchise cost online by giving all nuances at Coming up next is the completed area, phone number, and official site of Bikanervala.

Who is the owner of Bikanervala?

The present Managing Director of Bikanervala Foods Pvt Ltd, Shyam Sundar Aggarwal, joined the secretly run organization in 1968. By then 16, he had as of late finished optional school. Learning the art of making pastries from his father.

Is Bikano and Bikaji same?

The brand names are Haldiram’s, Haldiram’s Prabhuji, Bikanervala, Bhikharam Chandamal, Bikaji, and Bikano. PepsiCo entered the class with its Lehar picture in 1996.

Which is better haldiram or Bikanervala?

Concerning food and taste, everyone will without a doubt have their own likings, nonetheless; if someone asks me I have reliably found Bikanervala is the best option over the nearest competition, specifically, Haldiram’s. Even though Bikanervala has fewer options on their menu, all in all, food quality is acceptable.

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