Belk Credit Card Phone Number

Belk Credit Card Phone Number 1-800-669-XXXX, Email ID Details, History

Belk Credit Card Phone Number: William Henry Belk established Belk, Inc., an American department store chain with approximately 300 stores across 16 states, in Monroe, North Carolina, in 1888. Clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, home furnishings, and a wedding registry are all available at Belk stores and on

Founded In1888 
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Belk Credit Card Phone Number

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Brief History

Belk Credit Card Phone Number: William Henry Belk established Belk in Monroe, North Carolina, just outside of Charlotte, in 1888. The store was originally called New York Racket but was renamed Belk Brothers after Belk made his brother, the physician John Belk, a partner. Belk sold at fixed prices, which was then a relatively uncommon practice and bought in bulk to pass savings on.

Advantages of Using a Credit Card from Belk

Special reduction

A 20% discount will be applied to all of your online purchases as soon as your credit card is registered. This discount is valid for the entire day. In the world of store credit cards, this kind of discount is essentially unheard of. The fact that Belk offers an excellent assortment of products is also beneficial. Just having this credit card entitles you to a significant discount.

 Points for rewards

You receive one point for each dollar you spend using your Belk credit card. Along the way, you might be rewarded for all the points you gather and accrue. You receive $10 back once you reach 400 points. Even though it might not seem like much, everything adds up over time.

Annual fees

The fact that there are no yearly fees for the Belk credit card is one of its best features. You don’t have to worry about annual fees deducting from your credit limit, so go shopping till you drop. Belk does not have an annual fee like many other credit cards do.

Online access

Belk gives you online access to your credit card account, making account management simple. Anytime you’d like, you can view your purchase history and check your balance. It is now much simpler to pay your account on time thanks to the availability of online payment options.

Automatic upgrade

In the long run, it will benefit you more if you charge more to your credit card. Belk will automatically raise your credit limit every year provided you maintain good financial standing and make your monthly payments on time. Using this credit card to make sensible, healthful purchases will be rewarded.

Belk Credit Card Phone Number

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Discount days

You receive access to exclusive cardholder discount days in addition to the daily 20% discount. Every year, cardholders receive 35 discount days. You will ultimately save even more money thanks to these discount days. There is undoubtedly a win-win scenario that only cardholders can benefit from.

Excellent security

You shouldn’t be made to pay for fraudulent use of your credit card. You are shielded from liability for any unauthorised purchases made with your Belk credit card by its zero fraud liability policy. Simply put, it will ease your mind each time you use your card to make a purchase.

Pros and Cons


  • generous welcome bonus for brand-new cardholders
  • Twenty special savings occasions are held every year.
  • Bonus rewards occasions all year long
  • The monthly “cardholder savings day”
  • No-receipt returns


  • Certain benefits are exclusive to cards with higher tiers.
  • extremely high average rate of return
  • Reward distribution may take up to three billing cycles after your points balance hits 1,000.
  • Rewards have a $100 cap each billing cycle and run out after a year.

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