Alakh Pandey, Biography, Education, Career & Net Worth

Alakh Pandey, Biography, Family, Education, Relationship, Career & Net Worth

Alakh Pandey:- We are in a world where everyone is looking for opportunities to make every activity a business. And in this race, making education a business comes first. In such a scenario, there comes an angelic creature who vows to enter this competitive structure and disrupt the education industry with the lowest-priced educational material. Meet none other than Mr. Alakh Pandey, the owner of Physics Wale. Mr. Pandey is on a mission to make an inexpensive lifelong learning platform. He has come up with an approach that contributes to an affordable education curriculum in our society.


Alakh Pandey:

NameAlakh Pandey
Birth Date02-10-1991
Age31 years
Net Worth97.2 Crores INR.
YouTube ChannelPhysics Wallah
ProfessionEducator, Motivational Speaker
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Alakh Pandey

Biography:- Alakh Pandey

Alakh Pandey celebrates his birthday on 2nd October. Alakh Pandey was born in 1991 in Prayagraj, Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh. Mr. Alakh Pandey the owner of Physics Valhalla is a 31-year-old man. During his childhood, Mr. Pandey’s financial background was limited. To support the financial status of the family, he gave private tuition to students of various classes from mid-section to higher secondary. His father is Mr. Satish Pandey, who was a private contractor. And mother is Mrs. Rajat Pandey, She is a teacher at Vishnu Bhagwan Public School, Uttar Pradesh. He has a sister, Aditi Pandey, She works in a software company.

Alakh Pandey
Alakh Pandey

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When he was in third grade, his father sold a piece of their house to help pay the bills. Later the whole house was sold. Then he and his family moved to a rented flat in a small township. When he was in class 6, he started giving tuition and used to travel 5 miles by cycle every day to earn Rs. 200 for his family. When he was in 8th grade, he started tutoring 5th graders, and when he was in 11th grade, he was tutoring 9th graders at the Achievers Academy in his neighborhood. He first got interested in acting when he was in 10th standard. At once he participated in several plays.


Alakh Pandey completed his early education at Bishop Johnson School. He joined the Harcourt Butler Technical Institute (HBTI) in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh to study mechanical engineering. Due to a lack of interest in the teaching style of his faculties in the college, he left the college in his fourth year.


Alakh Pandey is married. They were married on 22 February 2023. However, their engagement took place in June 2022. Alakh Pandey’s wife’s name is Shivani Dubey. He is also associated with Business Physics Valhalla.

Career:- Alakh Pandey

When Alakh was a student in class 11, he started teaching tuition at a school in Allahabad. He used to get 5000 rupees per month there. After working there for a few years, he realized that students had limited access to online lectures, and this realization eventually led him to launch his YouTube channel. This channel was created to provide students access to free online lessons.

Alakh Pandey
Alakh Pandey

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He began broadcasting lectures on physics on his channel, which he titled “Physics Valhalla-Alakh Pandey”. Initially, his videos did not get many views. Therefore, he decided to improve the quality of the material of his lectures, for which he procured study material from Kota, Rajasthan, and studied extensively for his lectures. Eventually, his videos started getting a decent amount of organic views. As of December last year, he had 9.25 million subscribers on his channel.

In the year 2018, he introduced an app named Physics Wallah. Physics Wala (PW) app seeks to reach out to children living in rural areas. 90% of the information on the app is free to read. For the preparation of the students, there are live classrooms, lecture-by-lecture notes, video assignments, video lectures, and test series. A group of teachers are assisting Physics Valhalla. In addition, there are also free seminars. PW has locations in multiple cities including Patna, Pune, Lucknow, New Delhi, Varanasi etc. As of last year, his net worth is Rs 4000 crore.

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